Waiting for Spring... The 7th Annual Mitchell Lake Clean-up was originally scheduled for Saturday, April
20th... but was rescheduled to April 27th because of the unseasonably cold weather.  Thank goodness it
was rescheduled because the high temperature on April 20 was only 39 degrees, while temperatures on
April 27th reached 75 degrees!   We had over 30 volunteers participate in the annual clean-up and BBQ.  

Carole Duckstad did a fantastic job organizing the event... and Frank Spahn treated us to another post
clean-up feast.  This years menu included; Ribs, hamburgers, foot long hot dogs, Manhattan clam
chowder, salads and sweets!  Thanks to all!
Mitchell Lake Clean-up Day  -  April 27, 2013
First, the Work...
Next, the Reward...
Mitchell Lake Association