The Mitchell Lake Association (MLA) is an association of
property owners on or adjacent to Mitchell Lake in Eden
Prairie and is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the
laws of the state of Minnesota.

The Association performs the following functions:
  • Educate and inform members about lake issues such as
    quality, conservation, and development via newsletters twice a
    year, Town Hall meetings once a year and Mitchell Lake
    Association website.

  • Participate as citizen advisors at Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek
    Watershed District (RPBCWD) meetings to advocate Mitchell
    Lake water quality improvement projects.

  • Initiate and advocate projects to improve Mitchell Lake water,
    ie. tree plantings, shoreland restoration, etc.

  • Member volunteers test and monitor our water for clarity and

  • Host annual Town Hall Meetings and Lakeshore
    Cleanup/Social.  All members and guests are welcome.  These
    events are a great way to meet neighbors on the lake and
    keep informed about lake issues that affect us all.
Mitchell Lake Association - Who we are & What we do
Mitchell Lake Association