Shoreline Restoration/Rain Garden Rebates

The  Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District (RPBCWD) and the City of Eden Prairie are  both offering rebates for native
plant Shoreline restoration buffers and rain gardens.

NEW in 2017:  The Mitchell Lake Association is offering a $250 supplemental rebate to paid members that complete a RPBCWD
or City of EP approved project.

How do Shoreline buffers and Rain gardens improve Water Quality?
  • Capture Pollutants - Planting rainwater gardens and creating shoreline buffers help slow water runoff, capture pollutants
    that are in the rainwater and let the water infiltrate slowly into the ground
  • Mitigate Erosion - Native vegetation slows down water runoff and their longer root systems help reduce erosion and
    absorb extra nutrients.  
  • Provide Better Wildlife Habitat - Native plants provide food or shelter for many song birds, butterflies or other wildlife and
    deter geese.

Why use native plants?
    Native plants existed here prior to human influence.  They develop naturally in Minnesota and are adapted to our soil,
    water, and weather conditions.  Once established the area will need less irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide.  
    Less mowing is required, which is good for air quality.

Where to find more information on rebates?

Shoreland Restoration/Rain Gardens
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