Mitchell Lake Association awarded a $33,000
DNR Shoreland Restoration Grant

In 2008, Mitchell Lake Association was awarded a DNR Grant of $33,000 for lakeshore restoration.  Five shoreland restoration
project applications were submitted and approved.  The five projects are now complete and include; the Timberlake Homeowners
Association Commons area, the Timberlake Towhhouse Association and three private residences.  
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The Timberlake Association commons shoreland restoration was the first project to be implemented under this grant.  We hope
that this project will serve as both an educational and inspirational example of shoreland restoration for other lake property
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How does shoreland restoration improve Water Quality?

    Capture Pollutants
    Planting rainwater gardens and creating shoreland buffers help slow water runoff, capture pollutants that are in the
    rainwater and let the water infiltrate slowly into the ground.  Pollutants include things like nutrients, pesticides, herbicides
    and soil particles.

    Mitigate Erosion
    Native vegetation slows down water runoff and their longer root systems help reduce erosion and absorb extra nutrients.  
    Bluegrass has a shorter root system and does not work well in preventing erosion.

    Provide Better Wildlife Habitat
    Kentucky bluegrass does not provide food or shelter for many song birds, butterflies or other wildlife.  However, it is a
    favorite food for geese!  Buffers will deter geese from entering your yard.

Why use native plants?

Native plants existed here prior to human influence.  They develop naturally in Minnesota and are adapted to our soil, water, and
weather conditions.  Once established the area will need less irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide.  Less mowing is
required, which is good for air quality.

•        Blue Thumb: Planting for Clean Water
•        Minnesota DNR:
•        Fortin Consulting: can advise and help create a plan
  •      (Fortin was our partner on Timberlake Commons project)
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11/30/10 Presentation

Timberlake Homeowner
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