2008 - Mitchell Lake Association awarded a $33,000
DNR Shoreland Restoration Grant

In 2008, Mitchell Lake Association was awarded a DNR Grant of $33,000 for lakeshore restoration.  Five shoreland restoration
project applications were submitted and approved.  The five projects are now complete and include; the Timberlake Homeowners
Association Commons area, the Timberlake Towhhouse Association and three private residences.  
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The Timberlake Association commons shoreland restoration was the first project to be implemented under this grant.  We hope
that this project will serve as both an educational and inspirational example of shoreland restoration for other lake property
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Shoreland Restoration
Mitchell Lake Association
Timberlake Homeowner
Plant List

Tyler Rain Garden
Mitchell Lake
Shoreland Restoration
Project Summary

11/30/10 Presentation
2017 Update - Timber Lakes Restoration Rejuvenation

The Timber Lakes Homeowners Association installed a shoreline restoration buffer on the commons area beach in 2008 thanks
to a DNR grant.  Unfortunately, in 2014, the restoration site was under water for 6 weeks when a plugged lake outlet prevented
water from properly flowing out of the lake.  As a result, many native plants died and invasive species grew in their place.

In 2015, a project plan was developed to restore the site to its pre-flood state. Thanks to grant  funding from RPBCWD, City of EP
and MLA we were able hire Natural Shores Technologies to remove the invasive weeds, apply mulch and plant native plants.  With
help from 2016 rains, the plants were quickly established and were already starting to flourish by  last fall.  Please walk, drive or
boat by and check it out this summer!