Mitchell Lake Association
Did you know that the health of our lake is being monitored by the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District (RPBCWD), the
City of Eden Prairie, and also by some of your neighbors?  Here's a partial list of who is doing what:

  • Aquatic plants: RPBCWD hired the University of Minnesota to do surveys over the past several years. These surveys help
    us know whether RPBCWD needs to manage invasive species. You can find the 2016 Annual Report here.

  • Invasive mussels: RPBCWD collects water samples to look for the juvenile life-stage of invasive mussels. None have been
    detected yet.

  • Water quality: The City of Eden Prairie collects samples during the summer months and shares data with RPBCWD and
    the MPCA

  • Volunteer Monitoring:
  • Metropolitan Council (MCES): Citizen-Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP) - Volunteers collect surface water
    samples for laboratory analysis of phosphorus, nitrogen, and chlorophyll-a. They also obtain temperature, Secchi
    transparency measurements.  Results posted on Metropolitan Council website

  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA): Citizen Monitoring Program - Volunteers collect water clarity data as
    measured with a Secchi disk. Data is posted on MPCA website.

  • RPBCWD: Adopt a dock - Volunteers hang monitoring plates from the end of their docks and check them twice a
    month for the presence of invasive Zebra mussels. Good news… no Zebra mussels found to date!

  • Other resources:
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