Mitchell Lake Association
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    Dave Jackett, President
    Dan Dorst, Vice President
    Frank Spahn, Treasurer
    Carole Duckstad, Secretary
    John Tyler
    Mike Casanova
    Pete Iverson, CAC Rep
    Kevin Persinger
    Cheri Nehl, Webmaster

Mitchell Lake
Association Board

The purpose of the Association is to create awareness, knowledge and appropriate actions with property owners,
local government and community agencies to enhance the water quality and thereby the boating, fishing and
aesthetic values of Mitchell Lake, as a recreational facility for today and for future generations.
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What's New?

  • NEW: 11th Annual Mitchell Lake Spring Clean-up and Lunch Social - Sat, April 22, 2017

  • NEW: $75 Mitchell Lake Weed Harvesting Rebate - Summer 2017
    The Mitchell Lake Association once again is offering a rebate to members who have their private
    lakeshore harvested at the same time as the City contracted vendor harvests the general lake in 2017.
    Click here for more details on private lakeshore harvesting.  For reimbursement, send a copy of your
    paid invoice directly to Treasurer Frank Spahn, 17083 Terrey Pine Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55347.

  • NEW: Mitchell Lake Summer Potluck Party - August 12, 2017 - Miller Park
    Check back for updates.

  • Watershed Updates
    Watershed Awareness: Click here for new Watershed Awareness sheet meant as a guide for new
    lakeshore residents and was an idea out of the citizens advisory committee. It is still being tweaked a bit,
    but there should hopefully be some helpful information about the rules that govern actions in, on, and
    around a lake, and what organizations are involved.

    Permits & Rules:  The watershed district’s rules apply primarily to construction that might occur (building
    a new garage, or creating/adding to a beach, etc). Each rule is listed on website here: Permits & Rules. If
    there is a specific project you have in mind to do, on that same page, you can click Permit Application
    Guide.” This asks a series of questions and at the end tells you the type(s) of permit(s) you might need.

  • Become a  Master Water Steward

  • Watershed District Rules -  

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  • Please submit MLA website feedback, recommendations & photos to Webmaster
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Mitchell Lake Association
Founded September 19, 2006