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View from Gordy's Dock
August 2006 Fishing expedition pays
off for Mitchell Lake resident who
hauls in a  23" 3lb Northern Pike!
Lake Mitchell Autumn 2006
Photo Album
Summer Rainbow
Mitchell Lake 1986 - Submitted by Cheri Nehl
Fish Kill - Spring 2007
Aerators were installed in the winter of 2007-08 significantly reduced the problem
View of sun setting across the "Pond" to main
Submitted by Janis
Cool Cloud Formations - September 2007
Submitted by Michelle Nehl
Bald Eagle on Mitchell - April 2008
Submitted by Bob Shurson
Loon on Mitchell - April 2008
Submitted by Bob Shurson
Weed Harvest - July 2008
Submitted by John Tyler
Bald Eagle - May 2008
Submitted by Kuo Chang
Changing Seasons
Submitted by Philip Reilly
Timberlake Commons Sunset
Submitted by Cheri Nehl
Mitchell Lake Association
Mitchell Lake Catches - May 2014
Submitted by Jay Beaton