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MLA Overview

Founded September 19, 2006 – Eden Prairie’s first Lake Association

The Mitchell Lake Association (MLA) is an association of concerned citizens dedicated to improving the water quality of Mitchell Lake in Eden Prairie.  It is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Minnesota.

The purpose of the Association is:

  • To maintain, protect, and improve the water quality, aesthetic values, wildlife habitat, and recreational capacity of Mitchell Lake;
  • To educate shoreline owners and the public about the condition and protection of Mitchell Lake; and
  • To provide a framework for representation for work with federal, state, and local agencies for improving the quality of Mitchell Lake.

What do we do?

  • Educate and inform members about lake issues such as quality, conservation, and development via newsletters, annual meetings, and association website
  • Participate as citizen advisers at Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District (RPBDWD) meetings to advocate Mitchell Lake water quality improvement projects.
  • Initiate and advocate projects to improve Mitchell Lake water, ie. Shoreland Restoration.
  • Member volunteers test and monitor our water for clarity and purity.
  • Host annual meetings and lakeshore cleanup/social. All member and guest are welcome. These events are a great way to meet neighbors on the lake and keep informed about lakes issue that affects us all.
  • Keep the community informed on important lake updates via Mitchell Lake website, Annual Newsletters and Facebook.

MLA Board Members

Mitchell Lake Association Board – 2024

Erik Hansen (2024), President
Brian Haugen (2024), Vice President
Michelle Rothwell (2024), Treasurer
Cheri Nehl (2025), Secretary
Zach Fetzer (2025)
Dave Jackett (2024)
John Tyler (2024)
Breann Bundgaard (2026)
Cheryl Harjes (2026)

( )Term expiration date in parenthesis

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Mitchell Lake Association Bylaws

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